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ABOUT LINTROPY was designed with one purpose in mind: to let users browse in bliss. We've gathered links to the most popular and well-designed websites and are always seeking to improve the selection based on visitor feedback and our own voracious surfing habits. We aim to provide a friendly alternative to invasive sites where you never know how your information will be used. In all ways, this site is an experiment in technology, community, and the evolution of web culture.

Visitors can use Lintropy as a homepage that keeps all of their favorite bookmarks in one place. For registered users, who can make their own custom page, we have extremely simple privacy settings with no ambiguity -- your page can either be set to searchable by anyone, your favorite users, or nobody. It's as simple as that.

So how do we keep this party going, you may ask? The site is ad supported, and we generally only advertise for sites that are socially minded in their business practices. When people buy items through our links, we receive commissions ranging from 4-15%. If you'd like to help us out more directly, you can also participate for free in the Mosaic Project, which allows you to leave a mark on the greater Lintropy community. We hope you enjoy your surfing experience with us. Feel free to let us know how we're doing!

In the future, we will also offer premium services.